Bethany Sweet, Rubyn

I was loading my trunk, when this blonde business broad approached me for some fitness advice. She could tell that I worked out and she wanted me to help her tone up and get tight. So she brought me back to her office and showed me the kind of workout plan she had in mind. 1. Bury my face in her rump. 2. Lick her clit like an ice ejaculate cone. 3. Bang her lazy backside senseless. Good plan!

Dallas Diamondz, Levi Cash

Dallas Diamondz is having trouble finding a reason to keep Levi on as an employee. She knows he’s almost always in late, and never seems to get his work done on time, so she calls him into her office. She remembers the reason she hired him right away, he’s easy on the eyes and knows how to flirt just the right way to get her going. But if she’s going to keep him on he had better be good for something. Spreading her legs so he can see her shaved cunny he knows what she wants, and when she says his job depends on it, Levi performs!

Carrie Ann, Dino Bravo

I was out running a few errands, when this MILF called out to me from across the store parking lot. An old business associate from the insurance industry, she’s been trying to sell my company a new policy since forever. But I never remembered her looking this good. She really wanted to close the deal, so I got her to suck and bang my John Hancock. Persistence pays! So where do I sign?

Jocalyn Stone, Daniel Hunter

Daniel Hunter is doing his job as the gardener for wealthy wife Jocelyn Stone when she invites him into the house. At first he is worried because he thinks that she is going to sack him – but all she requires to do is suck his cock! Jocelyn has got a voluptuous figure, with a great pair of full juggs and a giant ass that any guy would want to bang. She also sucks meatstick just like a centerfold! When she can taste Daniel’s precum in her mouth, she lies back and spreads her legs, showing off her shaved vag, which the stud proceeds to bang good and deep. She takes it in every position, with Daniel finishing her off with a hard doggy fucking.

Lena Ramone, Dino Bravo

One night after work, I finally started chatting with this attractive businesswoman who recently moved into a neighbouring building. I’ve been wanting to bang her for a while, so I fed her some lines and led her into my office. I then peeled off her work clothes and started blowing on her erect eraser heads. Her old school bushy vagina with a gigantic and meaty cluntoris then literally ate my penis!

Alana Evans, Romeo Price

Stacked blond Alana Evans looks completely sensational in her slutty office outfit. She leans over the desk, facing guy Romeo Price, who gets an amazing view of her impressive cleavage. Her miniskirt rides up at the back, showing off her ass then Alana sits in front of the dude on the desk, showing off her panties, which are sheer against her bald cooche. Romeo licks his lips as he pulls those thongs to one side and starts tonguing Alana’s fuckhole, making her moan as he stimulates her clit and even licks her booty hole as well. Soon Alana is bent over the desk, gripping onto it on for dear life as Romeo slams her good from the back.

Michelle Aston, Rick Masters

This tattooed freak didn’t need much coaxing. After I showed her my ink, she show me her pink, and it was on! The more I slapped her colourful anus, the hornier she got! Like her family at the circus, this AlternaMILF was a skillful sword swallower; and one who made fantastic slurping noises! Feeling creative, I left my own Jackson Pollack inspired work of art dangling from her chin.

Ashley Fires, Joey Brass, Jimmy Lifestyles

Joey Brass has been trying to impress his boss for months so he can score the promotion that’s looming. He knows he’s got the skills, but she doesn’t seem to notice him. He requires to be sure he’s got this in the bag, so he goes to see her one afternoon in her office to make his case. Ashley Fires just found out her husband has been cheating on her for over three months, so she’s looking to start evening the score a little. When Joey walks in she makes the call and drops her dress with a promise of promotion.

Mika Kani, Andrew Andretti

I told this Asian MILF I was a talent scout for a legitimate modeling agency. So she followed me back to my office where I snapped a few pictures of her 34 year-old snapper. I spit on her beaver and ate some Thai, then she gave me a personal tour of bang-dick. I loved her enthusiasm, not to mention her huge breasticles which looked even better all shined up with massive load of splooge.

Leena Sky, Sonny Hicks

Smoking-hot cougar, Leena Sky catches one of her office peons, Sonny Hicks photocopying his wang! As punishment, she grabs him by the shaft and walks him into her personal office to reprimand. Sitting on her desk, Leena spreads her legs and watches as Sonny dips his head in between her thighs and licks her cooche and fingers her until she squirts! But Leena is just getting started. She aggressively tells Sonny to slam her pussy hard while she’s positioned in her executive chair! Then she straddles her guy and jizzs all over his pecker again and again!